In July 1990, the organization known as the AIDS Hospice Foundation, a network of hospices founded out of the desire to provide compassionate care to people dying from AIDS in Los Angeles during the heyday of the AIDS crisis, became known as the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). This change reflected AHF’s new mission to help HIV-positive people live well with the disease by providing access to advanced medical care and treatment regardless of their ability to pay.

Since it was first founded in 1987, AHF has determinedly expanded its operations in the United States and abroad to offer quality patient care to underserved populations and remain at the forefront of the international war against AIDS. By combining cutting age medicine with public advocacy, strategic partnerships and compelling marketing campaigns, AHF continues to break through barriers to ensure governmental support of people living with HIV/AIDS across the globe and is today the largest AIDS service provider in the world.

This year, AHF is proud to celebrate the momentous milestone of having 500,000 patients in its care in the 36 countries where it currently has operations, including South Africa where over half of our patients reside. We are honored to salute our dedicated medical professionals, staff and volunteers who work to provide personalized care to the men, women and children who trust us with their medical care and look to us for daily encouragement.

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